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Can I get more information about your WOFS method?

All the information you could ever expect and a TON more is on my website.


If you are asking this question after filling out my player information form and receiving a very comprehensive and long letter with details, facts, proof, video testimonials and links what you're really asking is can I convince you even more than you are already. So, let me just say that talking to me for 5 minutes will likely change your life. Unlike "so called" handicapping experts who sell all those silly books, software, systems and Quija boards, I have nothing to sell... I spend most of my time making money playing at the track or in my NeTTwork from home in my racing central office with multiple satellite feeds from tracks around the country.


So, I really don't have the kind of time those "so called" experts do to write those silly books for $9.99, $19.99 or $49.99 that are suppose to make you rich overnight! Instead you spend most of your time trying to make sense out of nonsense while you lose your shirt just as they do. The reason I say this is because unlike me, these "so called" experts NEVER bother to post winning tickets to prove how well their silly systems work. In sharp contrast, I am the ONLY player in the world who posts his own winning tickets showing everyone PROOF POSITIVE right on my website for all to see and I have done this for multiple periods to eliminate ANY luck!


Frankly speaking, if winning $187,000 in a period of 3 months and another $158,000 in another 3 month period while being tracked under a greyhound magazine microscope (who is objective and deal in facts), having 2 feature articles written about me with countless testimonials by players I've met and trained partners that have been with me for almost 30 years hasn't convinced you to learn to play on a pro level, then nothing will. My Pro Training Program & NeTTwork partnership are for serious greyhound players tired of losing and looking to make big money consistently! My seminar and Home Study Course are for all serious players looking to make money and play on a pro level.


So just fill out my free Handicapping tips form and let's talk greyhounds!




I can't believe all the claims that TRC seems to make?

If you can't believe your owns eyes, this would be called denial.


I get this comment occasionally and to be very honest with you I just don't understand it at all. Frankly, if you can't believe your own eyes that's one thing but it's certainly not my problem. However, to question hundreds or even thousands of winning tickets in the $200,000 range posted every day & night while under the microscope of a well known and respected greyhound magazine as their writer tracks my progress on a daily & nightly basis for 3 months is very unrealistic and unfair.


If you're not willing to believe your own eyes especially when you can easily confirm they are real using race chart archives, then nothing I can say or show you can change your mind. It's a catch 22 because if I don't show any proof about my methods then some people don't always believe me. On the other hand, if you show so much proof, articles and testimonials that it seems to good to be true, then they simply ignore their own eyes and figure, "if it looks to good to be true it probably is" which is not only unrealistic, but it's inaccurate and untrue in my case. So, what would you do? A person of character with nothing to hide would be proud to show the proof and frankly if someone claims it's too good to be true, it's their loss.


Ask yourself why is TRC is the only handicapper around posting actual proof?


I am the only player in the world who posts his own winning tickets and even over an extended period of time. If you choose to ignore my proof and results it's your prerogative to do so. However, it wouldn't be fair or reasonable to ignore the reality of what I do, how well I do it and how well I train others to do the same. I can't help it if my success and that of my players is unbelievable to most who have been stumbling, fumbling and losing their shirts for years. It's hard for some to believe I can make 7 figures using WOFS. But, what is it that they say? Seeing is believing? Well, Racing Greyhounds Magazine didn't believe it either. That is until they saw the proof with their own eyes! Then, they wrote 2 feature stories about TRC & WOFS which clearly is objective and the best kind of proof one can possibly show.


Still skeptical? Get over it or keep losing your hard earned money! [read excerpts from the Racing Greyhounds Magazine feature articles]




Are all those testimonials from actual trained players?

Of course!


My testimonials are only a tiny fraction and partial list of players I've trained over the years. Serious players are encouraged to print out any or all testimonials before we meet and I will be happy to produce originals with names and addresses of some of my players who took the time to thank me for changing their lives for the better.


How do I know the articles written about TRC are real?

The original magazines are available for review when and if we ever meet.


I am offering a $1 million dollar award to ANYONE who can prove the Racing Greyhounds Magazine articles about me were never printed and are fake! That should put to rest ANY question if they are real or not. Believe it or not, I'm told that copies of the original 2 magazines are also in the Las Vegas Library in the gambling section displayed in a glass case and may be viewed anytime you're in Las Vegas. So, players should have peace of mind and are invited to see the originals in person since I have them in hand if they are ever at my seminar or trained by me.




I'm still skeptical about what I have seen on your site?

With all due respect, there is no reason for anyone to be skeptical of me.


If I don't post articles, testimonials and show proof then I'm not credible and only making unsubstantiated claims. However, if I have an extremely impressive website showing articles written about me by a reputable greyhound magazine, a laundry list of written and video testimonials as well as tons of proof showing actual winning trifecta, superfecta, Twin-Tri & Tri-Super tickets totaling well over $500,000, then it's too good to be true?


I agree EVERYONE should be skeptical when meeting someone for the first time you know little about. I am also skeptical in this kind of situation and always check out everything thoroughly. That's why I have such a comprehensive website so you can get to know me and learn about me through the feature articles Racing Greyhounds Magazine wrote about me, all the proof in winning tickets over 3 months while playing under the microscope of a reputable magazine proving my WOFS Speed method & betting techniques to everyone! Although some may choose to, it's foolish to just ignore the reality of what you see with your own eyes!


The fact is that I post my own winning tickets so everyone can see that my WOFS Speed Method actually works and works better than any system or method in the world. But, like they say you can't please everyone. So, if my website is too impressive I can't help it. Just ask yourself the following question... Why is it that I am the only greyhound player in the world who actually posts his own actual winning tickets on the Internet? No other greyhound handicapper in the world posts his winnings tickets (over an extended period of time) online but yours truly. Why is that? My theory is very simple! THEY CAN'T! Don't you think if they could show you anything of substance they would? So, given the choice of just making claims without proof or posting articles, testimonials & showing proof in actual winning tickets, I would much rather show you proof! So, I do. You have a choice to learn from a pro or continue losing at the races.Or, continue on your losing path, taking your lumps, wasting time and losing your hard earned money.




Aren't W2-G's better proof than actual winning tickets?

Actually, this is not correct. Tickets are much better proof than W2-G's.


The tickets you see on my site are my own can easily be verified in archives.


When I started my website, I would occasionally get e-mails asking why I didn't show W2-G's instead of the actual winning tickets. Well, that's easy! Everyone knows there are players at tracks called "signers", regulars who cash W2-G tickets for a fee. Simply put, being in possession of a W2-G form DOES NOT necessarily mean that the person in possession of the W2-G is the same person who hit the winning ticket. Therefore, unless I am able to somehow receive winning tickets from people all around the country that are kind enough to send me their own winning tickets so I can scan and post them at my website... THEY MUST BE MINE! Of course, I have all W2-G forms as well as copies of the actual winning tickets which prove I am the one who hit well over a half a million in winning tickets I post on my site.


Why don't I post more recent winning tickets?

Well, that's an easy one. In 2 words... REVERSE ENGINEERING!!


Frankly speaking, posting a ton of new race results and winning tickets would invite even more hard heads to lose their hard earned money trying to do what has been proven to be IMPOSSIBLE by anyone! That is to reverse engineer my WOFS Speed Method and betting techniques. However, if there is even the slightest chance this could be done I would prefer not to make it easy for someone to do so even once.


So, being a logical thinker and a businessman before a professional gambler if there is even the slightest possibility that my WOFS Speed Method and betting techniques could be reverse engineered even in any way shape or form, I would remove any and all winning tickets and related content that might allow a discovery of what would amount to hundreds of pages of rules, criteria, procedures, exceptions, charts and exclusive access to our private members only area of our website for NeTTwork partners, trained players as well as password only access to our patented and exclusive trifecta & superfecta Bet Generator. The removal of this "exposed content" takes only minutes and some think I would sleep easier. But then again I sleep fine because trying to reverse engineer WOFS from is IMPOSSIBLE even more so from outdated race results and archives.




There have been MANY players who thought they were very smart over the years who have tried to reverse engineer WOFS and they have been trying for almost 30 years! Although there are too many players to count in this same boat... One player in particular comes to mind. He admitted to me that he spent 3 years trying to figure out my WOFS Speed Method and betting techniques and ended up losing over $33,400 for his trouble! Today he is a NeTTwork partner and last year he made $72,000 net!