Testimonials from: Steve


Meet Steve, another player trained by TRC


Believe it or not, Steve did not do as well as he expected in his first month after his training with Marcel even though he made a net profit of $2,017.20 in his very first month. That's correct! Steve made over $2,000 in his very first month and although most players would be very happy with this result in making the transition from losing to winning in only 30 days, Steve is the kind of player who expected much more and got it!


So, even though he was profitable Steve finished his first month with a 40% win ratio instead of 50% which is the average for new players. He had a little difficulty getting his WOFS and WIN ratios to 50% or better and contacted TRC for help. TRC reviewed his monthly Starchart and looked at each and every race he played himself. Then, TRC sent Steve his comments, reviews and slight changes he needed to make as well as finding several minor mistakes Steve was making and corrected them accordingly.


The result of TRC and his additional training and corrections on Steves play?


Steve made $6,442.40 net in 4 days! No! That's not a typo!


After receiving additional training from TRC Steve made a few adjustments and went from a win ratio of 40% (which is 13% above expert level already) to 53.3% and made $6,442.40 in only 4 days! To quote Steve, "I included the chart just for grins! Ok, maybe we don't have a problem anymore. lol ;) "


In 4 days he made a net profit of... $6,442.40




Steves e-mail testimonial


Hello Marcel,

Well, looks like we still have a problem. Ran thru a chart, the win ratio was only 53.3%, and we were up a paltry $5800. ok, maybe we don't have a problem anymore, lol ;) I included the chart just for grins. we did have a problem with the betting end of it, but i think we've got that figured out.


We made some changes on 7-30, from that point we would have cashed 3 out of the 5 wins that we had. only regret is that it wasn't for real money, oh well.


Anyway I hope you and Karen are doing well.






WOFS Chart - 4 days... $6,442.40 net profit!






After 4 days, He made a net profit of $6,442.40