Pro Training Program - SEMINAR




Cost: $5,000



Learn to play on a pro level using my WOFS Speed Method and expert betting techniques hitting multiple trifectas & superfectas using our exclusive Bet Generator in a small seminar group.


  • Seminar pro training (8 players maximum)
  • 3-DAY hands on training program (The Racing Consultant)
  • Consulting: 1 Year



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Your Seminar pro training program includes:



WOFS Speed Method Manuals:


WOFS Pro training manual


This manual is the main training manual. In this manual you will learn everything there is to know about the WOFS Speed Method and split, mini & micro tri & super betting techniques

Pages in this manual: 110

WOFS Pro training manual


This manual is used to guide you in each step of learning the WOFS Speed Method. It's a step by step guide to follow which tells you all about the Worldwide Player Testing Area of our website and how to register for private password access

Pages in this manual: 15

Race worksheet


This is a practice and main instructional race used to learn the WOFS Speed Method. All players learn WOFS using this race program because it contains so many elements in one race that it makes an excellent training race to use to learn how to apply WOFS techniques and structure your tri & super bets

Pages in this manual: 1

Race worksheet correction manual


This manual is used to correct the "race worksheet". It is also used to learn the WOFS Speed Method and trifecta & superfecta betting techniques

Pages in this manual: 16

Test race program


This is a test program players must take in the process of learning the WOFS Speed Method as well as multiple trifecta & superfecta betting techniques. These test races have been hand selected to cover every aspect of the WOFS Speed Method. They are used as a barometer to make sure you have learned everything properly and to make certain that will be profitable when you are ready to play for big profit

Pages in this manual: 14

Test program correction manual


This manual is used to correct the Test Race Program.

Pages in this manual: 106

Charting the Stars chart binder


This binder is used to keep track of your play as well as your profit using the WOFS Speed Method.

Pages in this manual: 12

Template manual original docs


This folder contains all the copies of all original documents used with the WOFS Speed method. Included are the following betting slips used when a player doesn't have access to our bet generator:


  • Trifecta betting slips
  • Superfecta betting slips
  • Trifecta betting slips advanced


Also includes charts to keep records on:

  • Trifecta & Superfecta hits template
  • Twi-Tri & Tri-Super hits template


Pages in this manual: 38






Introduction CD


This is a message from Marcel, The Racing Consultant sharing his views, outlook and insight into greyhound handicapping on a pro level using the only proven spot play handicapping method in the world, The WOFS Speed Method and betting techniques.

Time: 28 minutes 5 seconds

Instructional Disk 1


This is the first of 2 instructional audio CD's by The Racing Consultant. This CD is designed to give the player the feeling that Marcel is sitting across the table from them, going through every phase of his proven and well guarded secrets, handicapping methods and betting techniques, in a step-by-step process.

Time: 1 hour 18 minutes 38 seconds

Instructional Disk 2


This is the second of 2 instructional audio CD's by The Racing Consultant. This CD is designed to give the player the feeling that Marcel is sitting across the table from them, going through every phase of his proven and well guarded secrets, handicapping methods and betting techniques, in a step-by-step process.

Time: 1 hour 19 minutes 7 seconds




Other items included


  • Yellow attaché case(hold your entire Home Study Course course)
  • Training Material
    • Flair Pens (Red/Green/Yellow) (red, green, yellow handicapping tools)
    • Yellow highlighter (pocket accent type)
    • Ruler (a handicapping tool used to go faster)
    • Calculator (to calculate your profits only!)
    • Stapler (to attach a race to your bet slip printed from the bet generator)
    • Clipboard (to work your races)
    • Scissors (to cut betting slips, when you can't get to the bet generator)
    • Docu-Stands 2 (holds race pages/bet slips upright when watching races)
    • White out liquid paper corrector (for mistakes in the early going)
  • Count Down timer (talking reminder for your next race)
  • Custom clear plastic case (for your tickets, wallet size)
  • Access to "Bet Generator" (w/user ID & password)
  • Access to "Worldwide Player Testing" (for practice,w/user ID & password)
  • 1 year free consulting!
















Below are several videos from one of our seminar which was a big success!!


Just click on the video screens below to view and listen to how our new greyhound players and soon to be pro players feel about training with Marcel... The Racing Consultant. Several videos are of his wife, Karen teaching players how to use our patented and exclusive Bet Generator! (not a handicapping software). Karen is our technical consultant and she is also a computer programmer, system analyst, graphics designer, web designer, webmaster and a great little wife! The Racing Consultant is not shown on video training his pro players because all aspects of the WOFS Speed Method are a well guarded secret!


See for yourself how easy our players learned WOFS in only 3 days!

Click on videos to play them


Click on videos to play them

Click here for more seminar videos



Learning process:


It's easy to learn my WOFS Speed Method and my expert betting techniques to hit multiple trifectas and superfectas. I take a lot of pride in being able to convey my knowledge to those few serious players looking to change there lives forever as they enjoy making money. Playing greyhounds is fun! But, playing greyhounds and winning is a lot more fun!




There will be 2 seminar training sessions held each day for 3 consecutive days in the hotel boardroom which seats up to 8 players. The first training session will be in the morning starting at 10:00am with a 1 hour break for lunch. The second training session will begin in the afternoon after lunch and each training session will run approximately 3 to 3 1/2 hours in duration. Homework is given every session. Before we begin the next days training session we always go over the homework to make sure that everyone is on the same page and understands what they have learned the day before. At the end of the training program each player will handicap actual races they have worked on and are always tested in real time video on my 17 inch Powerbook G4 laptop to check how well they have learned WOFS.


The training program sessions are as follow:


1st day session: (Friday)
  • Introduction to handicapping
    • WOFS Speed Method handicapping basics
  • The Program Set-Up
    • Classifications (Types, coding & definitions)


2nd day session: (Saturday)
  • The Program Set-Up
    • WOFS basics
    • WOFS selection (Who's Out 1st & 2nd)
    • Primary & Secondary lines
  • Star Search Criteria
    • Red
    • Green
    • Yellow ( + )
    • Yellow ( = )
    • Yellow ( - )
  • WOFS Coding & Terms


3rd day session: (Sunday)
  • Test Races (evaluation & critiquing)
  • Betting introduction
    • Coding the race
    • Preparing & selecting your bets
    • Trifecta & Superfecta Betting
    • Bet Generator training
  • Target goals & money management
  • Online wagering
  • Consulting Services
  • Tax basics information
  • Troubleshooting






The seminar training is held at the Hampton Inn (a Hilton Hotel) with nice suites as well as a Boardroom for business meetings. This is where WOFS seminars take place. Their Boardroom room has a large conference table that seats 10 comfortably. It also has a TV and ergo chairs. Coffee/soda run all day. Gourmet sandwiches from Jimmy Johns are brought in daily for all players courtesy of TRC for lunch. The Hampton Inn is also less than 1 mile from the greyhound track and the Daytona 500 race track. It is also less than a half mile from the airport and has shuttle service to and from the hotel.


Hampton Inn Daytona Speedway/Airport

1715 W International Speedway Blvd

Daytona Beach, Florida 32114

Phone: 1-386-257-4030





Every trained player is guaranteed my consulting services for 1 year after the seminar takes place. While the large majority of my players almost never contact me for consulting services, they know that I am always available to assist them with a quick reply to an e-mail or a return phone call and my best advice. Frankly speaking, my players don't really need me after their training, but it's always nice to know I'm always there if they ever do.





Deposit to secure your seat: $1,000