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TRC is the only player in the world with indisputable proof that cannot be denied unless you ignore your own eyes! This is why players around the country and overseas respect him so much.


Tracked by Racing Greyhounds Magazine for 3 months! TRC made $158K while under a magnifying glass of writer Tommy Thomas. Do you know anyone else who ever did anything close to that kind of profit in such a short period of time? See for yourself at what TRC & WOFS Speed Method can do! Furthermore, to show you that the WOFS Speed Method can handicap even the most difficult races such as the Night of Stars! These are the very best and fastest greyhounds in the country. TRC shows you how he made $9,466 with only a $108 wager as well as $17,816 with a $1,180 bet on a PICK-6 play!




$158,000 in 3 months!


$13,269 in 3 days


$333,418 in Twin-Tri & Tri-Super hits


$26,470 in Trifecta & Superfecta hits


$82,629 in Night of Stars hits


Player result charts





I'm often asked why I don't post "more recent" winning tickets on my site

Well, that's an easy one. In 2 words... REVERSE ENGINEERING!


Frankly speaking, posting a ton of new race results and winning tickets would invite even more hard heads to lose their hard earned money trying to do what has been proven to be IMPOSSIBLE by anyone! That is to reverse engineer my WOFS Speed Method and betting techniques. However, if there is even the slightest chance this could be done I would prefer not to make it easy for someone to do so even once.


So, being a logical thinker and a businessman before a professional gambler if there is even the slightest possibility that my WOFS Speed Method and betting techniques could be reverse engineered even in any way shape or form, I would remove any and all winning tickets and related content that might allow a discovery of what would amount to hundreds of pages of rules, criteria, procedures, exceptions, charts and exclusive access to our private members only area of our website for NeTTwork partners, trained players as well as password only access to our patented and exclusive trifecta & superfecta Bet Generator. The removal of this "exposed content" takes only minutes and some think I would sleep easier. But then again I sleep fine because trying to reverse engineer WOFS is IMPOSSIBLE even more so from outdated race results and archives.




Save time, trouble and money... DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!!


There have been MANY players who thought they were very smart over the years who have tried to reverse engineer WOFS and they have been trying for almost 30 years! Although there are too many players to count in this same boat... One player in particular comes to mind. He admitted to me that he spent 3 years trying to figure out my WOFS Speed Method and betting techniques and ended up losing over $33,400 for his trouble! Today he is a NeTTwork partner making over $75,000 a year.