Testimonials from: Greg


Meet Greg, a new player trained by TRC


After only 3 days of training Greg learned my WOFS Speed Method and is already a top player! He had only been to the track a few times when he called Marcel after stumbling onto his web site hoping to learn to play greyhounds on a pro level.


Greg was amazed that in his very first month after training he made a net profit of $8,567! He said, "WOFS not only held up, but it proved itself over and above anything I could have expected". He is well on his way to being one of the top greyhound players in the country.


His very first month of play Greg made... $8,567.42
His testimonial quote, "Marcel delivers on his promises"



Gregs wofs chart (1st month)


All players going through TRC pro training program use his internal business forms including his "Charting the Stars" form to keep players on track. This chart tells his players how well they are playing and how much profit they make each month.


The chart below belongs to one of my new players named Greg...


In Gregs very first month he played only 2 tracks and made himself a very nice "net profit" of $8,567 after learning my WOFS Speed Method. While most of my seasoned players play as many as 6 or more tracks, even with this limitation to 2 tracks Greg earned an average of $102,804 a year for this month after learning WOFS.


Ask yourself has any handicapping method, system or software program you have ever used made you $8,000 or more in your very first month. OR, any month for that matter? I think it's fair to say it's highly unlikely. In fact, it's more likely that any handicapping method, systems or software programs you are presently using or have used are only helping you to lose your money like crazy!


Below is one of my WOFS charts called "charting the stars". Greg used this very chart for his very first month playing greyhounds on a pro level. As you can see while he was a little under our usual win ratio of 50% for the average player, he still did very very well for his very month in the business works consistently. You could be doing the same thing as him instead of losing money!





Nope! That's not a typo! You are seeing correctly,



He picked the winner 45% of the time (33% is considered an expert)
He chose the most profitable bet 32% of the time (10% is considered an expert)
NET PROFIT in 30 days! $8,567.42.90 (in 1 month is considered AMAZING!!)


Wondering how Greg made that much money picking winners only 45% of the time?


Well, in sport racing if you can pick the winner 33% of the time you are considered an expert handicapper believe it or not. Don't ask me why? I feel anyone handicapping at 33% in Thoroughbred, Harness & Greyhound Racing is just not winning enough races to offset the 70% of the time they lose no matter how good they are at betting. Greg hanidcapped at a 12% higher win ratio than the "so called" handicapping experts in this business. Greg used split, mini & micro betting techniques he learned from TRC and hit multiple trifectas and superfectas winning his best bet ratio at a 22% higher rate than "so called" expert handicappers which is only 10%.


If you want to play on a pro level as Greg does just [click here] to contact TRC.




Written Testimonial


Below is a testimonial sent to Marcel from one of his newest players showing how well he did in his first month using WOFS. Marcel has this original and will be glad to show this and all testimonials to any serious player looking to play greyhounds on a pro level.







After 30 days, he made a net profit of $8,567.42!