I get so many testimonials from my players that I can only display a partial list or you'll be bored silly! So, I've selected 50 of my favorite testimonials in almost 30 years in the greyhound business and have separated them into the categories. Just click on each type of testimonials you are interested in to read, listen, calculate or even watch in the case of the video testimonials. I am very proud to say that each and every player has given me their written authorization to allow you read, listen or watch just how much they enjoy playing greyhounds on a pro level using my WOFS Speed Method, expert betting techniques and our patented Bet Generator as a member of my pro players group.




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Meet Ben & Fran, after 17 days, they made a net profit of $12,998.90


Meet Greg, after 30 days, he made a net profit of $8,567.42


Meet Steve, after 4 days, he made a net profit of $6,442.40


Meet Phillip, in just 1 week he made a net profit of $4,788.40


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