Testing The WOFS Speed Method


Test the WOFS Speed Method for yourself...


Below are statistics which The Racing Consultant obtained at various tracks around the country. You are encouraged to do your own research. Check race results from any track and state around the country and you will find that 7 of 10 races or more are won by the 1st & 2nd dogs to reach the 1/8th call. WOFS works consistently, it's unbelievable and amazing!


Did you just find the holy grail learning about my loop hole discovery?


Don't be silly, of course you didn't and if you think you can now use this new info to make money you're wrong! If it was that easy I wouldn't tell you a thing would I? There's a big difference knowing one of the 1st & 2nd dogs to the 1/8th call should win 75%+ of the time or more and being able to select the right 1 or 2 dogs to the 1/8th call. Then there's an ever bigger problem and that's betting! Unless you know my expert betting techniques and have private password access to my patented Bet Generator you'll miss hitting tri & supers even when you have a winner now and then. The only way to make a consistent profit in this business is to learn how to play greyhounds on a pro level. But, go ahead and test WOFS for yourself and see how many times the race is won by the 1st or 2nd dogs to the 1/8th call.

Track % Statistics Done
Apache 77% 03-23a to 04-01a
Birmingham 77% 06-13e to 06-23a
Bluffs Run 74% 06-01e to 06-17e
Corpus Christi 74% 04-25e to 04-29a
Cloverleaf 71% 04-25a to 04-30a
Daytona Beach 74% 04-24e to 04-28e
Dairyland 76% 04-24e to 04-29a
Ebro 75% 04-21a to 04-28e
Flagler 73% 06-19e to 06-26e
Geneva Lakes 86% 04-21e to 04-28e
Gulf 72% 06-14e to 06-22e
Hollywood 84% 04-26a to 04-30e
Track % Statistics Done
Jacksonville 75% 06-11e to 06-21e
Jefferson 73% 04-24e to 04-30e
Lincoln Park 77% 06-20a to 06-27a
Mile High 79% 06-18a to 06-26e
Multnomah 76% 06-13e to 06-24a
Naples 74% 06-09e to 06-23e
Palm Beach 79% 06-14a to 06-22e
Phoenix 78% 06-11e to 06-22e
Plainfield 78% 06-20a to 06-27a
St. Croix 71% 06-10a to 06-24a
St-Pete 73% 06-13e to 06-22e
Wichita 77% 03-19a to 03-31e











Take any race results from any greyhound track around the USA.

Count how many dogs won from 1st or 2nd position at the 1/8th call using a:


12 Race Program

08 out of 12 = 66%

09 out of 12 = 75%

10 out of 12 = 83%

11 out of 12 = 92%

13 Race Program

09 out of 13 = 69%

10 out of 13 = 77%

11 out of 13 = 85%

12 out of 13 = 92%

14 Race Program

10 out of 14 = 71%

11 out of 14 = 79%

12 out of 14 = 86%

13 out of 14 = 93%

15 Race Program

11 out of 15 = 73%

12 out of 15 = 80%

13 out of 15 = 87%

14 out of 15 = 93%






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